Exam Application Process

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STEP 1: New Online Registration

Simply follow this Link and fill-up the necessary information for the issuance of your ticket for Step 2

Step 2: Proceed to chosen Major Service Testing Center

Present the printed copy of your ticket to the Testing Center of your chosen Major Service. The Testing Center will validate your Online Application Form, Documentary Requirements and other specifications for the issuance of your AFPSAT Examination Schedule. The following are the Testing Centers of Major Services. PAF - PTO, PAFPMC Villamor Air Base Pasay City
PA - ATO, APMC Fortt Bonifacio, Taguig City
PN - RTHO, NPMC, Fort Bomifacio, Taguig City

Step 3: Verification and you're good to go!

Report to your examination schedule ahead of time as indicated. Present your AFPSAT Application Form for final verification and give your best for the AFPSAT. Good luck and God bless!


Schedule of Exam:

Philippine Air Force
See Schedule Website
Philippine Army
See Schedule Website
Philippine Navy
See Schedule Website
Technical Administrative Service
See Schedule Website

Application Requirements:

1. Original Transcript of Record/Form 137
2. Original College Diploma
3. Original Birth Certificate (NSO)
4. Valid Identification Card
5. 2x2 Picture

About Us

Armed forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT)

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Aptitude Test Battery (AFPATB) is the unified written entrance examination which is one of the requirements for entry into the major services ‐ Army, Air Force and Navy. Selection of men and women in the Armed Forces of the Philippines using psychological testing has long been used and remains an indispensable part of the Neuro-Psychiatric Screening. One of the qualifications being sought is aptitude towards pre-entry training and subsequent service in the military. Starting with the AFP General Classification Test (AFPGCT) which had its origins in the United States, the AFP developed its own in 1991. Completed in 1994, the AFPATB was used in May that year. Based on policy, the AFPATB should have been revised once every two years since 1996.

Thus, the review and redevelopment of the AFPATB has long been overdue. This project aims to customize the AFPATB to the particular needs of the Major Services and transform aptitude testing in the AFP into an effective, reliable and sustainable screening tool.

In recent years, several cases of violations have been reported by the Office of the Surgeon General, to wit:

• Rampant proliferation of leakages of answers, to include leakage found in the left palm, on paper, carved in the pencils, on handkerchief.
• Booklets were photocopied by some examinees.
• Some examinees who failed to pass the AFPATB were allowed to retake the exam without observing the six (6) months probation period.
• Submission of fake and forged results of AFPATB by some examinees. Use of proxy examinees which is fraudulent and deceitful in nature.
• Some examiners and proctors were not trained in administering and scoring AFPATB. (AFPATB teams organized by the Major Services should have been trained initially by the OTSG. Each team should have at least one (1) trained Psychologist as member.)

AFPSAT Milestone

  • 2016-2017

    Conceptualization and Planning

    It was March of 2016 when the final conceptualization was conducted under the leadership of then Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, J1, RADM ALLAN B ROSAL AFP.

  • March 2017

    Item Writing

    The test items of AFPSAT were crafted, analyzed and finalized by a number of consultants and professors from the University of the Philippines Diliman – Quezon City.

  • December 2017

    Pilot Testing

    For standardization, series of Pilot Testing were initiated and conducted in various government and private High Schools, colleges and universities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

  • August 2018

    Launching and Implementation

    In July 2018, the AFPSAT E-Portal Website was officially launched and implemented to serve as one of the screening and recruitment requirements for Officers and Enlisted Personnel in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

  • September 2018

    Way Ahead

    The AFPSAT Technical Working Group continues to craft other sets of AFPSAT as well as planning to develop an electronic or computerized version of the aptitude test.

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Every Examinee is advised to follow the following:

1. Examinees should be at the testing room at 7:00 am.
2. Examinees are not allowed to bring anything inside the testing room.
3. Eat a heavy meal before taking the test.
4. There will be a 10-minute break in the morning.
5. Latecomers can take the test on the next scheduled date of examination.
6. Eating is not allowed inside the testing room.
7. Examinees who do not follow instructions will be automatically disqualified.
8. No follow-ups will be entertained.
9. All requests for retake shall be approved by TAG.
10. Schedule of examination
11. Wearing of sando, sleeveless blouses, slippers and short pants are not allowed.
12. In cases beyond the control of examinees such as emergencies, call of nature or sickness, the applicant may be allowed to defer his examination for the next testing day, otherwise, an applicant who has started with the examination shall not be allowed to continue with the rest of the battery on another day.


Choose one of the Major Services you wish to join and become organically attached:

Your selection here will determine the date and venue of your AFP Service Aptitude Test.

Philippine Army

Philippine Air Force

Philippine Navy

Technical and Administrative Service



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